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Zombie Ants!!

OK, so I will go ahead and admit that I have been saving this article up for a while. I wanted to write about this topic since almost day one, but I could not resist waiting until Halloween to release … Continue reading

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Are you innately gifted?

This post has been stewing on the back burner of my mind for quite a while now. Looking back, it almost surely began on the day that the ultrasound technician informed me that I would be the father of a … Continue reading

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Speaking of privilege…

Oh Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal!

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Education by Herman Miller

Today, in my Contemporary Pedagogy class, I was exposed to a Versatile Learning Environment, located in Torgersen Hall at Virginia Tech. Had I not been participating in this class, which has encouraged me to seriously contemplate the education that I … Continue reading

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The new Spidermobile?

Yeah, actually this is the old Spidermobile (1st appearance in Amazing Spider-Man #130). The newest “Spidermobile” looks more like this: Turns out this story is not actually related to comic books, so much as the recent recall of some 870,000 … Continue reading

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Zombies vs Animals

I wanted to link you to an excellent piece written by David Mizejewski, a National Wildlife Federation naturalist who explains how nature (including insects) would deal with the hordes of shambling undead that will inevitably descend upon the world… … Continue reading

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Peer review…

Anyone involved in a research field that involves publishing your findings should probably be familiar with the concept of ‘peer review’. If not, you might be asking what peer review is, exactly? To quote the Virginia Tech University Libraries webpage, … Continue reading

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No Jurassic Park…

  A brief follow-up to my Jurassic Park post. Sadly, science seems to indicate that we are unlikely to ever clone dinosaurs from blood trapped in the guts of ancient mosquitoes that were trapped in amber. First up, a study … Continue reading

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Bloom’s Taxonomy

While reading about UVA’s recent implementation of Problem Based Learning as the foundation for their medical school curriculum, I saw mention of Bloom’s Taxonomy, which is a name that I have not heard or thought about for a long time. … Continue reading

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The future of farming?,0,4704825.htmlstory So you invest your time and resources in creating an army of biomechanical super-cockroaches for…well…some reason that seems to make sense to you at the time. The thing is, what do you do with the roaches when they stop … Continue reading

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