Hi there! I’m a Ph.D. student in the Deparment of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech since Fall 2018 and this is my website.

I live in Blacksburg, have married Jisun Kim for around 3 years , and a big fan of soccer club, Liverpool, UK. 

My research interests: 1) to develop nanotechnology-enabled environmental sensing platforms and 2) apply data analytics to spectroscopy-based environmental dataset.

My teaching philosophy: towards equity  in education like clean water and sanitation.

When I decided to study Environmental Engineering, I was intrigued by the one of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), “clean water and sanitation”, in which every human being should have an equal right to have access. Although SDGs have been pursued to solve different issues (e.g., education, gender, and hunger), most of them are aligned with the equity of people regardless of who they are and where they reside. Certainly, we are living together in communities with a high level of complexity and diversity as global citizens. Thus, inevitably we are facing so many explicit or implicit conflicts that come with complexly intertwined intersectionality. I believe every people in the world must be treated equally regardless of their identities or circumstances like “clean water and sanitation” and it is why we need inclusion and diversity in higher education.


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