Group Learning

AA025293 Learning and group collaboration is a process in which team members support and trust each other to achieve a goal.
The successful outcome depends on the clarity of the objectives given by the instructors, so the signs of what are expected. The group’s challenge is to interpret these goals and then determine how to achieve them.
The process of group work is effective only if instructors lead the process. Students must realize and prepare for this process group. Group projects should be structured so that no individual can take advantage of the efforts of their peers.
While we teach others, we can learn more about it.
While we teach, even simple questions that the learner makes us examine the issue in a new way.
As we explain, we understand the issue better.
Studying in groups get more than one perspective on the topic being analyzed. Furthermore, different contents peers can collaborate explaining to them have been more clear that for us.
What if this concept is new to us?
To implement successfully is very important to make students aware of the new process to be followed to change traditional teaching to a new teaching.
Usually, some students are not used to openly discuss in groups a certain situation and hope that at the end of the discussion, the teacher give the correct answers to the problem.
An alternative to this is to provide induction courses for new students to live the richness of individual work, teamwork and group work.
Another way would be to start the semester giving inductions on technique and showing gameĀ“s rules, to dictate and set the contract teaching – learning.
To ensure that students have a vision of using problems as a source of knowledge and information for later use in your development as a student.
The classroom is an excellent place to develop teamwork skills that will be needed later in life.

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