Reason to study other language and study over sea

I know we have to write a blog every week but sometime the Ideas do not come like magic, some people like me, are so heavily occupied, like writing the dissertations, experiments, journal reviews, preparing presentations, meeting, abstract, family task, and TAXES…..some time I ask myself…
What I was thinking when I decided to go back to GRADUATE SCHOOL, was I drunk or what?.
And to make everything worse!!….learn and do everything if a foreign language.
These are some of questions some good North American (pay attention I did not said AMERICAN) ask me almost every time when we meet for fist time. How do you do it?
I have the privilege of study over sea, no because I am smart, because I believe that anyone can reach their goals as long as you dream high.
These are some of my answers:
Reason to study other language and study over sea
While learning and getting educated in a foreign language requires a lot of time and effort, it can also be a fulfillment of an achievement that expands our horizons and exposes us to new opportunities and cultures.
Due to cultural experiences that usually come with learning a foreign language, it is not uncommon for a newly bilingual like us to begin to feel how we see the world from two different perspectives at once.
For some this creates a new sense of identity, because we are able to feel at home in a new place and participate in activities that were unfamiliar.
After learning a foreign language we will be eligible for more jobs and we have a higher chance of getting hired because there will be fewer applicants who meet the requirement of knowing more than one language in particular.
After months of talking to people in a language newly learned, we begin to notice the unique aspects of their culture and ways of behaving, and how these relate to subtleties speaking habits and mannerisms.
If you are having a crisis in the middle of your life or simply looking for a change, learning another language is one of the best ways to see life from a new perspective.
I am also the role model from my all family, I am so close (5 moths) to reach the unthinkable on my 3 family generations, to become the first PhD, and do it in a foreign language.
My legacy for my nieces and nephews will be not just to reach my dreams, it will be for them …, to show them that the bigger the dreams the bigger the rewards.

2 thoughts on “Reason to study other language and study over sea

  1. As another example of someone who has a couple of graduate degrees and racked up an 18-year long career before deciding to go back to school full-time to finish a Ph.D., I can honestly say that it’s great to see other people doing the same thing. Bravo on your efforts! I hope to get to the point where I only have 5 months left to reach the same goal.

    I also have to agree with you on the importance of learning more than one language and living in different cultures. At one point in my life, I was nearly fluent in Spanish and Russian. When I stopped using the languages, the skill almost completely disappeared. I really regret that. Maybe after I finish the Ph.D., I can go back and recover what I lost (one dream at a time for the moment). I have a great deal of respect for students studying in foreign countries. I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to work on an advanced degree in a non-native language. It’s hard enough for me in my native language…

  2. I completely agree about the value of studying in another country and learning another language. If one does not broaden one’s horizons, then we are left with a limited understanding of even our own world. I’ve lived in the U.S. my whole life, but I did travel abroad to Germany for a short time. Even though Germany is not that different of a country, in many respects, it is still interesting different to live there. For example, I am incredibly indecisive, but I found it hard to be indecisive in German without being rude. That may be from my limited vocabulary and skill, but my host-brother didn’t have any suggestions for me! It was something I just had never considered before I encountered that language barrier.

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