From the Abaco to the Internet Era

For many kids, the words: intenet, surfing, google are very obvious, but for some; it has been a new revolution.

I grew up when I was taught to add and subtract with an abacus, writing with chalk on a black board, while writing; no taping was the easiest way to take notes in classroom with pen and paper and the coolest stuff in the class was an electronic calculator.

Many years have passed since I have to self educated on technology but also to educate others.

In the 1980s, technologies that recognize as the foundation of the modern Internet, began to expand worldwide.
By 1987 when entering my bachelor Science just 10,000 PCs were connected and I have not seen one then.
I did not got my first email until 1998

Globally, the growth of user numbers is staggering. According to world internet usage statistics, it is estimated that in 2012 the number of Internet users rises to 2.267 million, up from 599 million in 2002: an increase of approximately 378%.
The figure of 2012 represents 32.7% of the entire population of the planet.
Today one can travel to places that unfortunately have no running water but do have a computer connected to the Internet …

Young people now have taught me to live a cyber world, smart phones, messenger, skype, facebook and now blogging an online classes.
What is next?

We cannot run away of the new technology to educate the new generation, we cannot hide…Because sooner or later, it will cash us.
Returning to Graduate school has been an adventure of learning and teaching.
It has not stopped yet, it just started.
Don’t think I’m too old, on the contrary, I feel that I am still very young in the world of technology.

At the time past and technology evolutionate, we just have to remember Captain Spock phrase: if you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

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