Swedish Crystal!

Group research projects have been assigned and happily I’ve been assigned (with my awesome partner Allison) Orrefors Kosta Boda, a Swedish glassworks company. All I know about them currently is that they are sold in high-end department stores here in the U.S. When I told my fiance, Ben, that I was going to be visiting glassworks companies his response was “oh crap”. Apparently I will have to watch my spending while visiting! I’m actuallyBowl really interested in the manufacturing of these products. I loved my time in Ireland visiting the different crystal factories in Waterford and Dingle and am really curious to see the similarities/differences. I admit that I had no clue that Sweden had a glassworks tradition so I’m interested to learn more about the products, production, and distribution. And I’m sure I’ll spend more than I mean to on some nice piece of glass. Smilie: :-)

What the heck is “going a-viking”?

IMG_0431Growing up in Minnesota, I’m intimately familiar with the Vikings, mainly due to the let-down felt at the end every NFL season when we again don’t make the playoff (or we do and the Saints take out our QB but I’m not still mad about it or anything). However, this isn’t about THOSE Vikings. This is about the Norse kind.

I’m. Almost. DONE. With. My. MBA!!!! That’s right – in the past 7 years I’ve been a grad student for 5 of them and I’m almost done! Six little credits and I’m free of tuition bills, expensive text books, and group projects. But those six little credits – it’s a trip to Scandinavia! Though of course it’s not that easy. Four weeks of class followed by two weeks of company visits in Finland, Sweden, and Denmark. Those visits lead to the title – going a-viking!

“Viking” now refers to the Norse people who wore horned helmets; however originally it meant simply to raid or loot. So, I’m off on a-viking! Or more aptly I’m off to raid and loot operational knowledge from Scandinavian countries. I look forward to taking you on my a-viking adventure of sharing not only operational knowledge but also Scandinavian culture, food, and (hopefully) beer!