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    Mindful learning is not a new concept to me. I was homeschooled for many years and my mom spent a lot of time making sure that I was experiencing mindful learning and not mindless learning. My mom didn’t like the school system where we lived because it was a lot of mindless learning  so she took it into her own hands to make sure my sister and I learned and retained important information. I think the graphic below applies well to mindful learning. Instead of your brain being full of a bunch of important information, you are able create a clear picture of something that connect all the information presented to you.



    (mindfulness.com, 2014)


    I feel mindful learning is a compromise between the students and the teacher. Students have to want to actually learn the information instead of just regurgitating it and solely wanting to get A’s. And teachers have to want students to learn, piece together information, and find creative ways of individual learning instead of just passing multiple choice tests and completing the requirements and the class.



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