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    Sadly I have more options to choose from for poor experiences with online learning. I would have to say the overall worst was taking pre-calc at Virginia Tech at the Math Empo. While the class officially had an instructor, I felt that I was stuck teaching myself all of the material. They had tutors and people walking around at the Math Emporium to help but with a massive room full of students who all need help they didn’t have time to sit down and teach substantive material to anyone. As a teacher I feel that some classes are not always possible to be offered online. There are some people who are very capable of teaching themselves math, but I feel that the majority cannot. I don’t think I would be able to teach a class online that I don’t believe can be taught online. I value the face to face contact and the relationships fosters too much to take a significant online teaching position.

    (Xiayamoon, 2018)

    Surprisingly the best experience I’ve had with an online course was a class that most people are surprised to find is offered online, a public speaking course I took here at Virginia Tech. This course was the most well organized online course I have taken. While I don’t think this course material was the best online, the way the course was structured was. Each week at a set time we had a group video call where we would talk with the instructor and each other about the material, readings, and questions we had for the week. Having a live video chat was something I had never had before for an online course and it made me feel like I actually knew my classmates a little because I knew their face and voice. I also felt it held us more accountable for the material than a simple discussion post. Having to verbally discuss the topics at hand made you prepare more for the discussion. I think that having the video component was the crucial difference between a lot of the online classes I’ve taken and this one.





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    • Thanks for sharing Sarah! I think the size of the pre-calc class and the limited number of tutors played a big role in your experience. While online classes usually have a large number of students, it is important to be able to address every student’s questions and concerns so I am not sure the online environment is suitable for a math class. I was very interested in learning about your public speaking class and I totally agree that using video chat can make this experience more personal as you can better connect with the professor and classmates.

    • I am sorry that you had such a bad experience with online courses, but at least you gain the experience that will help you to structure a potential online course. It is very important the professors to dedicate time for virtual students as well. Students can be more motivated and engaged with the readings and the assignments because the goal should not be only the good grades, but the whole learning process.

    • I agree that some classes are not always possible to be offered online especially when it com to pre-course. The pre-course is one of the important course for the student on their major and the pre-calculus is one of the important course especially on science and engineering majors. From my experience during my study, each teacher has their own method to simplify equation by using algebra to solve complex mathematical problem to find the final answer and sometimes they skip steps which can be can solve in there head quickly without explain that for student. This is one of the problems that students can be face in the regular classroom, when classes offered online will be 90% self-learning without explained all steps for the student that will make it hard to learn. Great phrase for provide good explanation ” if you’re failing math, you’d better come up with a good explanation to give to your parents.” I believe that clear explanation for the topic is what will make the material possible to learn online.

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