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    Sadly I have more options to choose from for poor experiences with online learning. I would have to say the overall worst was taking pre-calc at Virginia Tech at the Math Empo. While the class officially had an instructor, I felt that I was stuck teaching myself all of the material. They had tutors and people walking around at the Math Emporium to help but with a massive room full of students who all need help they didn’t have time to sit down and teach substantive material to anyone. As a teacher I feel that some classes are not always possible to be offered online. There are some people who are very capable of teaching themselves math, but I feel that the majority cannot. I don’t think I would be able to teach a class online that I don’t believe can be taught online. I value the face to face contact and the relationships fosters too much to take a significant online teaching position.

    (Xiayamoon, 2018)

    Surprisingly the best experience I’ve had with an online course was a class that most people are surprised to find is offered online, a public speaking course I took here at Virginia Tech. This course was the most well organized online course I have taken. While I don’t think this course material was the best online, the way the course was structured was. Each week at a set time we had a group video call where we would talk with the instructor and each other about the material, readings, and questions we had for the week. Having a live video chat was something I had never had before for an online course and it made me feel like I actually knew my classmates a little because I knew their face and voice. I also felt it held us more accountable for the material than a simple discussion post. Having to verbally discuss the topics at hand made you prepare more for the discussion. I think that having the video component was the crucial difference between a lot of the online classes I’ve taken and this one.





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