• Inclusive Pedagogy

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    Inclusive pedagogy is important in Public Administration because we need diverse viewpoints to best meet the needs of those from different backgrounds. Public policy controlled by the dominant group, with similar characteristics amongst themselves, does not benefit those of the public who are not part of this dominant group. Making Public Administration a field where everyone feels included is important to allow for forward progress amongst minority groups.


    (Kaieteur News, 2015)

    A large amount of our public administrators and politicians are white men. But the issues they vote on and legislation they create affects more than just white men. We have a group of men voting on women rights, public education, welfare, and other key parts of public life when they may not have had personal experience with any of them. It’s important to have inclusion in Public Administration so that the voices of those impacted by the policies are heard through representatives that have had those experiences and can relate to not just the dominant group. A political office made up of a majority of white males, is not a group I want to control my healthcare rights as a woman. I want people who can relate to me and minorities to be better represented in politics and legislation making so that my interests can be heard.


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