• Sexual Harassment in Higher Education

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    Sexual harassment in higher education is something that in the last few years has been talked about more and more. While it’s being talked about more, the problem itself is still around and has been forever. Sexual harassment is a difficult enough situation to address in any workplace but adding in the institutionalized culture of harassment and silence in higher education makes it even more difficult to tackle.

    In the article from higher ed a quote from Elisabeth A. Lloyd, a professor of the history and philosophy of science at Indiana University at Bloomington, shows just how deep the issue goes. She said “It was just an extra price I had to pay, that the men did not have to pay, in order to get my Ph.D.” The fact that sexual harassment is felt as a part of the program is a highly concerning sign that the  sexual harassment runs deeper than we see or think. With sexual harassment being internalized and looked at as part of “the norm” it creates a culture where some individuals may never even realize what they’re experiencing is sexual harassment.






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