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    Greek life has a long history on university campuses in the US. In recent years the negative aspects of greek life have come to the attention of the country. Sexual assault, hazing, and drinking have become hot topics among the media, university boards, students, and parents.

    While none of these negative aspects of greek life are unique to the greek system, the greek system can foster a toxic environment that makes these aspects more prone to happening. Segregating genders in fraternities and sororities and the rules that go along with the system enhance the divides between genders, races, and  socio economic classes and continues to foster the unhealthy binge drinking culture that universities already have.

    The future of the greek system is under scrutiny. With hazing and alcohol related deaths and rampant sexual assault accusations the future of fraternities and sororities is unknown. The greek system can bring such positive experiences into students lives and they do profound charitable work. The goal is to find a way to have the system set up in a way to decrease the negative aspects of the greek system while enhancing the positives.





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