• Core Curriculum in Higher Education

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    Core curriculum is a part of nearly every university in the United States. It normally consists of English, History, Math, Science, and Social Science classes. There is debate over core curriculum and if it’s serving the purpose of providing well rounded students, or just pushing students to take the easiest class to fulfill a requirement. Every time it comes to sign up for courses you can find students asking friends for suggestions on the easiest classes to take to fulfill a given requirement.

    With so many choices in core classes there is no way to guarantee that all the students are receiving the same core education. With friends at universities all over the United States, and having been at two major public universities myself I have a pretty good idea of what a lot of university core courses are like. The core course requirements could use some revamping to keep up with the technological and global advances society has made. As much as history, math, and science courses are important universities haven’t kept up with popularity and changes in technology and global changes.






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