Mission Statement

For this assignment I am choosing the mission statement from the university where I completed my undergraduate degree in Engineering. This university is located in the city of Pune, India which is in the western part of India. It was formerly called University of Pune and now it is Savitribai Phule Pune University. This University is named after Savitribai Jyotirao Phule (3 January 1831 – 10 March 1897) who was the first lady teacher in India (in the modern times) and worked for the upliftment of women and the downtrodden in British India.

 Pune has been an educational hub for centuries and has also been referred to as the Oxford of the East. This city has a unique blend of the modern and the old world, having a very rich cultural heritage spanning across several centuries while also being a technology hub especially for manufacturing and IT. To give an idea of the scale of the university , the university has 46 departments  and an enrollment of approximately 5,00,000. Below is the mission statement of the university.

“The Mission of Savitribai Phule Pune University is to be a global, socially conscious Center of Excellence in the conservation, creation, Advancement and dissemination of knowledge, equipped to take up challenges of the enormous change taking place all around and committed to empower its faculty and students to contribute meaningfully to economic, technological and social development and progress .”

The second mission statement I have chosen is that of Virginia Tech because this university has a major contribution in shaping how I think . Below is the second mission statement

“Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) is a public land-grant university serving the Commonwealth of Virginia, the nation, and the world community. The discovery and dissemination of new knowledge are central to its mission. Through its focus on teaching and learning, research and discovery, and outreach and engagement, the university creates, conveys, and applies knowledge to expand personal growth and opportunity, advance social and community development, foster economic competitiveness, and improve the quality of life.”

In terms of the mission statement I find a similarity in terms of creation and application of knowledge as being one of the focus areas.In terms of outreach UoP and Vtech have a global perspective and a commitment to contribute to the society.

In terms of a difference , Virginia Tech mentions how the University will help the growth of an individual thus empowering him to contribute to the society .In  a way it sees both aspects equally crucial, individual growth and societal growth.  In case of UoP, the central focus seems more towards the betterment of society by empowering individuals but it does not explicitly mention what the individual gains out of it which is interesting.

Another interesting point is UoP mentions conservation which I feel is a very relevant and important issue today. We are all aware of how important conservation is and certainly we do small things that can help to conserve what we have be it nature , knowledge or culture. However how many of us are really ready to willingly take a pinch for conservation ? One thing which I would like to be a part of all mission statements is about reducing our needs and wants as individuals today while still living a decent quality of life and thus helping to conserve our wealth!