Studio Prep

We have been busy getting ready for the semester and there are just a few more finishing touches before we have everything completed in advance of meeting our students. Our “big map” from last semester found its new home on our studio wall. (Almost) Every stream, beach, cliff, shoal, boat ramp, island, dam, bridge, and …

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Fall Semester Student Presentations

Join Us! Thursday, December 14 from 2-4 pm in the Collegiate Square Studio for the student presentations that 5th year studio is developing from their exploration of the Chattahoochee National Water Trail. Representatives from the National Park Service will be on-hand to respond to the student presentations, answer audience questions, and provide feedback. Directions to …

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Time to Put a Bow on it

Since my arrival at Tech, I have experienced more learning and exposure to new ideas than perhaps I have in my entire education to date. I came here primarily for two reasons: the first, because I was interested the Landscape Architecture program because I could pursue an Architecture & Design … Continue Reading →

Studio In Progress: Videos

Over the past few weeks, the students have been hard at work developing their analysis and refining their concepts. In these brief videos, the groups introduce their first iterations of site-level designs which demonstrate how their visions could be deployed on the ground. Weaving Stories Smart Park Ancient River in a  Modern City Experience Your …

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Chattahoochee River Project goes on display in Cowgill Lobby

The in-progress project will be on display for 4 days in Cowgill lobby starting tomorrow and running until Sunday, November 12. Virginia Tech ‘s College of Architecture & Urban Studies (CAUS) always has something interesting on display in their lobby and for the next 4 days, it’s Landscape Architecture! We are excited to have this …

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See Our 360° Float Down the Chattahoochee

Check out these cool videos of our float* down the Chattahoochee! They were recorded with special cameras that allow the viewer to share the experience with a 360° view. For an even bigger treat, watch these videos with your smartphone using a 3D viewer. (You can find several different versions floating around today…) *Videos may …

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