Women & Minority, Artists & Scholar Lecture: Saving Muslim Women

When I parked my CR-V on the side of Wall St. this afternoon at 4:55, I had no idea that by 6:55, I’d be sitting in Torgerson 3100 awaiting a lecture from Dr. Juliane Hammer, a specialist in Islamic studies and religion in the Americas from UNC Chapel Hill.  At … Continue Reading →

Proud for Progress; Pressing on for Inclusion & Change

It’s HokiePRIDE week here at Virginia Tech and I am looking forward to participating when I can during this jam-packed week of activities and engagement at the university. This week, and in recent weeks, I’ve been thinking very hard about inclusion and acceptance. (Radical acceptance, really.) I am writing this … Continue Reading →

“The Blog” as a living, breathing, evolving body of work

The featured image is of saucer magnolias blossoming in front of Burruss Hall. Like these blossoms that are finally coming into their season, we graduate students are future faculty and we are beginning to come into our own as well. I’ve been thinking a lot about what the role of … Continue Reading →

Citizen Scholar: Hike it Baby!

In my first semester at Virginia Tech, I was enrolled in GRAD 5204 Citizen Scholar Seminar with Dr. Rosemary Blieszner. Each of the students in the course were required to develop a community engagement service project to be deployed either concurrently with the course or soon after course completion. The … Continue Reading →

The Countdown Begins: 115 Days to Switzerland.

Back in November, I received an email calling for applications to Dean Depauw’s Global Perspectives Program (GPP) through the Graduate School. This program integrates face to face study here at Virginia Tech with a study abroad experience based out of VT’s educational facility in Riva San Vitale, Switzerland. “The Global Perspectives … Continue Reading →

Seeking Knowledge on Diversity & Inclusion

I’m taking a course this semester called Diversity for Global Society. It is part of the Virginia Tech Graduate School’s Transformative Graduate Education Initiative and this course is designed to introduce students to concepts in diversity, inclusion, and equity and how they relate to higher education–both here at Virginia Tech and from … Continue Reading →