Pre-Trip Jitters

Tomorrow at 5:30 AM my journey begins.

I’m all packed. My family is all packed. The car is mostly packed. The baby is asleep in her crib and my husband is asleep on the couch. In a little while I will wake him and send him to bed, where I am not long to follow.

Before dawn, we will rise and make our way to Roanoke where I will board a train and begin working my way towards the rest of my friends and the Dean in Switzerland for the 2018 Global Perspectives Program. I am so excited and also a little bit nervous. 20 days is a long time to be away from an 17-month old (for me anyway!) We will all survive it and come out on the other end wiser and with more stories to tell.

So I’m packed. Light. I am excited about the opportunity to taste Switzerland and learn about higher education in Europe. I am privileged to be on this trip and I want to make the Dean proud that she chose me as one of the GPP scholars this year.

More to come.

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