New Year New Studio Means A New Introduction for Students!

I can’t very well ask everyone to introduce themselves without also participating in the blog prompt, so here is a little bit about me.

Week 1: Introduce Yourself

What is your name? What does it mean? Who picked it out?

My name is Sara Katherine. My mother named me after I was born. My folks weren’t the type to come up with baby names before the birth, so when the doctors handed me to my mom the first time, she said something like “Hello, Sara Katherine” and that was that.

Sara means “princess” in Hebrew. Katherine is a Latin name for “pure” or “clear.”

Where are you from?

I am from Jackson, MS. But my folks are from Greenville, MS, so that is where I spent A LOT of my childhood.



What is your educational background?

I completed high school at the Mississippi School for Mathematics & Science in Columbus, MS (2004). I have a Bachelor of Fine Art with an emphasis in Sculpture (2009) and a Master of Landscape Architecture (2015) from Mississippi State University. I wrote my master’s thesis on how birds use green roofs in both rural and urban contexts in Mississippi. Before graduating, I spent a summer in Panamà at Kalu Yala. I started as an outdoor recreation intern, but I also studied permaculture (with Steven Brooks, of Punta Mona in Costa Rica) and worked with another intern on designing and implementing a grey water sand filter at base camp.

What do you study now?

I am an Architecture & Design Research Ph.D. Student in the Landscape Architecture Program.

I am interested in ecosystem services and how to assess them. Specifically, I am interested in the ways stream restoration improves the health of an ecosystem/watershed.

Since being given the opportunity to work on the Chattahoochee River National Water Trail Conceptual Plan Project, I have spent a lot of time thinking about the water trail and what it means to be a National Park. It has been an interesting 6 months and I am looking forward to spending the next 6 months working with the team on this project.

Give three fun facts about yourself.

  1. I love plants. I have a collection of them and I try to grow things wherever I settle. It’s my favorite hobby.
  2. I am a hiker and I like to host hikes through a network called Hike it Baby!  The network helps families with young children get outdoors and get connected with each other. Last year, I worked on a project on how to use a group like this to encourage community engagement and support. It was great for us because we were able to meet new people in the area when we moved here. So for the project, I am committed to hosting two hikes a month all year long so that I can try and get a group going here in the NRV.
  3. My favorite color is green.

Share a picture of yourself.

This is me and my husband Chance on our first hike together in Virginia. I took him to the Cascades to convince him that moving here really would be an awesome idea. 🙂


Share (a) picture(s) of 3 things you are into.

I love bird watching. I found this picture on a quick Google image search and the original can be found here.

This is a picture of a water taxi in San Blas, Panamà. I saw this artist’s work everywhere down there, but I never found out their name. It’s one of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken.


I took this picture during my master’s research while I was recording video of bird activity on top of a green roof in my study. The mocking bird flew straight up to the camera and landed on it, giving me the change to capture this shot.



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