Conservation Ecology: Citizen Science Project [Field Observations/April 23]

Sunday, April 23, 2017  Hi ~60°F / Lo 44°F

Backyard Birding @ Home | Christiansburg, VA | 10:26 AM (23 Minutes)

The radar image below shows how the weather’s been all day. We have experienced different levels of intensity of rain all day long. I managed to complete a few checklists today while we were all hanging out around the house. It was an interesting day for birding! It did rain, but not so hard that it kept all the birds sheltered in the trees and brush.The birds that are visiting our neighborhood were very active today!



This morning, I saw pretty much the same characters I’ve been seeing: 3 mourning doves, 3 white-crowned sparrow, 3 Northern cardinal, 4 house finch, 4 American goldfinch, & 3 house sparrow.

I discovered something else pretty cool about the app also. This button here “Email Checklist” translates the data into an email, and it’s great because it puts the comments up on the screen next to each species. In the view you see above, you can’t see any of the comments I made with my observations. Here is the same session, but with the Email Checklist format:

I’m wondering now if there is a place where I could also attach pictures to my checklists. That would be a really cool feature.

Mourning DoveZenaida macroura | Conservation Status: Least Concern

Northern Cardinal (male & female) | Cardinalis cardinalis | Conservation Status: Least Concern

House Finch (male & female) | Haemorhous mexicanus | Conservation Status: Least Concern

 American goldfinch (male & female) | Spinus tristis | Conservation Status: Least Concern

House SparrowPasser domesticus | Conservation Status: Least Concern

Sitting at the window with Lilah watching birds for this project was a great way to recharge between bits of writing and assignments I’ve been working on today. The last two weeks of the semester are always very busy, and this year is no exception. I was able to get back to the window later for another break with Lilah and we watched birds again for a short while.

Backyard Birding @ Home | Christiansburg, VA | 3:57 PM (13 Minutes)

Though this session was shorter, I did catch a glimpse of two birds I hadn’t seen earlier in the morning: the white-crowned sparrow & the brown-headed cowbird.

White-crowned sparrowZonotrichia leucophrys | Conservation Status: Least Concern

Brown-headed Cowbird | Molothrus ater  | Conservation Status: Least Concern

In the end, it was a fun day of birding. I look forward to getting the chance to do it again soon. (It has proven to be a great opportunity for recreation and recharge when the stress of writing for other classes has started to creep up on me.)


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