Conservation Ecology: Citizen Science Project [Field Observations/April 22]

Saturday, April 22, 2017  Hi 65°F / Lo 46°F

Backyard Birding @ Home | Christiansburg, VA | 12:33 PM (3 Minutes)

It has been a busy morning here at the Harrell house. I had an opportunity between rain showers to take my daughter out on the back patio to join me while I potted-up a few plants and watched for birds with her.

The radar tells a story of scattered showers of varying intensity… the weather man says we will have more showers all weekend, too. I believe him. [] We may try again later for another birding session. It’s nice to fit a little in here and there when we can.

Our thicket is really greening back up. It is a favorite spot for little songbirds that like to hide. One of Lilah’s favorite things is being outside. She’s a big help in the garden and is fascinated by all the new things she gets to see. Today, we saw 1 gray catbird, 1 Northern mockingbird, 1 sparrow, 1 European starling, and 1 Northern cardinal.

Gray catbirdDumetella carolinensis | Conservation Status: Least Concern

Northern MockingbirdMimus polyglottos | Conservation Status: Least Concern

European StarlingSturnus vulgaris | Conservation Status: Least Concern

Northern Cardinal | Cardinalis cardinalis | Conservation Status: Least Concern



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