Citizen Scholar: Hike it Baby!

In my first semester at Virginia Tech, I was enrolled in GRAD 5204 Citizen Scholar Seminar with Dr. Rosemary Blieszner. Each of the students in the course were required to develop a community engagement service project to be deployed either concurrently with the course or soon after course completion. The … Continue Reading →

Welcome to Our “New” Studio

From a vision that started with a few pieces of blue painter’s tape on the ground to a studio that is more or less a room within a room–our new space is up, it’s sturdy, and it’s buzzing with anticipation for our first class Thursday night.             Continue Reading →

Studio Prep

We have been busy getting ready for the semester and there are just a few more finishing touches before we have everything completed in advance of meeting our students. Our “big map” from last semester found its new home on our studio wall. (Almost) Every stream, beach, cliff, shoal, boat ramp, island, dam, bridge, and …

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