Graduate School Survival

The demands of graduate school are so high, that adds extra pressure to students and make them feel stressed. In my opinion, attending graduate school should be an exciting journey in students’ academic and personal life. In graduate school, students get the chance to learn new things, gain a lot of experience, and make social and professional connections.

Unfortunately, the demands of graduate school keep students busy from enjoying these advantages and many others; where in graduate school there is no room for emotions and no place for failure.  I believe that this is a big issue that needs to be highlighted. The academic curriculum is not flexible enough to open a room for students’ intervention so they make their own edits and indicate their preferences. The financial constraints that we often see in higher education make it more difficult for the curriculum to be more flexible and adjustable. Graduate school fees are considered expensive for most of the students, therefore students need to complete their programs as quick as possible. The mentioned factors and many others play big role in shaping the higher education system.  I hope to see some changes in the higher education systems in the future to make the graduate school experience more valuable and enjoyable for students.

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