Week 13: Project Update

So I had specified in a previous blog post the importance of understanding the authorship rules, for graduate students in graduate school. Many times these rules tend to be unclear, and this causes an issue. I’ve been working on getting all the information needed together, to be prepared to put together a final document. I’ve been researching different disciplines in a random sense. At first, I thought there wasn’t a huge difference between disciplines. Then, I found that there was significant difference between the strictness of certain fields. I found that interesting.

The second part to this, was pinning down what number of fields are satisfactory to cover all the parts of VT. After all, it would be difficult to have the rules for every single major at VT. However, I can get to as close as I can with something as similar as something else would be. For example, one engineering may be enough… Or I’ll list all engineering majors and state the differences, etc. Although, I’m sure I don’t know all the majors at VT.

Next, another challenge is giving my sources credit. It is difficult to do this in a brochure format, especially that fine print in cases like this can be too small to be read. Also, another concern I’m having, while working on this, is embodying all the majors, and letting people know that these are the “official requirements”. However, sometimes people stray away from these initial requirements.

Last but not least, I’ve always been compelled to research self-plagiarism.  I felt like it’s a compelling topic, because many tend to overlook that it exists… However, it is detrimental to avoid self-plagiarism. I’m unsure if I’ll have sufficient time to do this or not, but I’ve been really interested, least said!