Week 12: My Ethical Views

This week, we examined a lot of different ethical methodologies and views… And famous theories that somehow shape the ethics of everyday life. Some people gain their ethics through their moral values and beliefs. Others think it’s common sense, and doesn’t need a rocket scientist. Some people get inspired ethically from their religious beliefs. In fact, some people follow the rules and regulations of society. Everyone has a unique formation of their ethical views, and are driven by it according to who they are. However, due to a large variety of backgrounds, and people the ethical rules are placed on ethical societies.

In my personal view, we are all influenced by the families we are brought up in, our religious views, and our place in the midst of society. In fact, the way we deal with ethics is influenced somewhat by our friends and those around us. There is a mixture of both. I think that i personally have a heavier mix of the morals and values I was brought up on, ┬ámy religious teachings, and societal norms. A lot of times, ethics comes as common sense to me. Sometimes I feel like we are made with this indicator that helps us establish right from wrong, based on a judgement. Also, in my experience, many times, people act in an ethical way or lack thereof because they wanna look good in a click or with their friends. However, usually it’s a good idea not to let peer pressure affect people in situations like these.

However, I do greatly appreciate the codes of Ethics. When people have different backgrounds, the codes of ethics make them stand on even footing and have the same fair chance. Nonetheless, it’s wonderful to have a strong ethical background, and to be ready to face the world essentially.