Week 10: Code of Ethics in Electrical Engineering

This week I examined the code of ethics for electrical engineering, or the IEEE Code of Ethics. I had examined this prior to this, for the Future Professoriate course, and wrote a blog post about it. This can be found here. However, I’m taking a fresh look at the Code of Ethics, and I’m blogging about it.

Looking at the IEEE Code of ethics, it is clear that Ethics are a high priority for Electrical Engineers. A lot of the list of the code ethics are things of what appears to be Common Sense, for someone who has some extent of morals and values.  For example, it should be really obvious that one should worry for the well-being of others, and guard their well-being with their life. This is particularly true, especially with the products engineers make. In addition, it should be clear that bribes are wrong, especially in a professional setting.

When looking at the code of conducts this time around, I was impressed by the duty I have as an Electrical Engineer, especially from the respect in which is mentioned in the code of conduct. I was surprised that part of my duty is to help “improve the understanding of technology”.  That’s both surprising and impressive in my view. I love spreading technological knowledge, so I loved that! Also, to give, take, and appreciate criticism is part of the code of conduct.. And I think that’s great, especially when there are whistle blowers at time. They can directly approach people doing the wrong things, rather than taking a random approach to overcoming issues in a work environment. Also, there is a necessity of helping people become more competent with their engineering skills. In other words, I wouldn’t be doing my colleague a favor by helping him or her. Instead, it is a duty. I love that about the code of ethics.

Also, it seems like it’s always important to add that prejudice and preset biases are to be kept away from the professional life. And that one should not discriminate due to any thing regarding the individual’s color, faith, race, etc. I understand this is an important part to always have in Codes of Ethics… Until the world lacks prejudice one day soon.

Great 2nd pass through the code of ethics for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers! Thanks for this!