Week 6: Citation Software and the Selfie creating a Lawsuit

This week’s readings and work has been quite entertaining for me. I was fascinated by the Monkey’s Selfie this week’s module began with, and the lawsuit for the monkey to claim rights, rather than the photographer. Since the Monkey took the Selfie. However, in my view, I kind of think that both the monkey and the photographer should have rights to the photo. For two reasons. First of all, the monkey definitely couldn’t of set up the camera on his own. He probably doesn’t even own a camera. So he couldn’t of done it without a camera, and without the photographer. Secondly, the photographer didn’t take the selfie himself. The monkey did. So I think they should have equal rights to the photo. At least that’s my speculation on the whole topic. However, I like the fact that if the monkey gets rights to the picture, this will help improve their habitat, and help reduce extinction. Anyways, all the details and information referenced above can be found in the article named “Should a Monkey own a Copyright?”, which can be found here.

Secondly, I really enjoyed the citation tools discussed in this module. I’ve been using EndNote since I was an undergrad. I love it. I love the convenient technique in Google Scholar that allows the citation to be pulled into EndNote directly. In fact, the plug-in can be linked to Microsoft Word, and as one is writing you can cite something in text. This, in my view, is very useful, and is wonderful. However, it costs money after one graduates. This is really difficult to sustain in the real world. Not just that, but I heard that VT won’t support EndNote in the future. Here’s the reference on Virginia Tech’s website saying that.

At the same time, Zotero, is known to play the same role as EndNote. It’s something everyone has been recommending instead of EndNote, especially that EndNote’s access will end sometime soon. We have about 1 year and a few months left for EndNote, or whenever we graduate–Whichever comes first. I read a little bit about Zotero, and realized it may have a little bit of issues with IEEE and the way it does that citation style… But for a free citation program, definitely can’t complain. Especially that it has a firefox plugin as mentioned online, to allow pulling data out to ease out the citation process.