Week 4: The VT Constitutional Wisdom

I strongly believe that the constitution is an important part of the system at Virginia Tech. It must be there to maintain proper academic integrity, and professional interactions for that matter. There are different levels, as stated on the University Honor Code postings, that are violations to the Honor Code. These violations should be avoided greatly. Reading these violations showed how easy it maybe to gamble with one’s career if the rules are unknown, and they reassured the fact that one should be super careful while writing papers or anything of that sort. Somehow, it is really easy to be referencing a paper, and overlooking to have that original reference there. Sometimes one can pick up information from a branched reference, and not go back to the originator of the idea and give them credit. This maybe a subtle and unintentional type of plagiarism. And sometimes paraphrasing someone’s paper can be really a thin line while writing a paper, even when correct referencing is being performed. That’s why many times the reference should be given credit repetitively, and quotations should be used when necessary. I think this is a struggle people face particularly while they’re writing a literature review, etc.

At the same time, I strongly believe that faculty, staff, and students have a mandatory role to play to help students avoid honor code violations. That role is to simply create awareness, and to teach incoming students what’s right and what’s wrong. This is particularly true, especially when students have different backgrounds. That’s why people should be cognizant of the importance of helping newbies be aware of the risks that exists for improper actions.

Some of the problems with the honor code/ constitution is the lack of awareness. Also, I think it’s an issue also that some students may face honor code violations performed by a minute number of faculty, but become unable to stand up for their right. Sometimes, students and certain faculty also need to be reminded of what the honor code says. I think awareness is the most important part in this entire game.

I think a university would do really really well if they regularly provide training for academic integrity among their students, staff, and faculty. I strongly believe that this is important.  At the same time, I think that there should be regulations to stick to the honor code, and that all members of the university society should be cognizant of their honor code practices. The more honor code practices a university has, the better it will be. Honor Code practices are similar across the board in a lot of universities, and sticking to these codes lead to success.