Week 1: Intro and Principles @ VT

Howdy! My name is Sarah, and I’m currently pursuing my master’s in Electrical Engineering. My research is in MEMS, which stands for Microelectromechanical Systems. I am interested in interdisciplinary research, and I enjoy research that brings upon others useful outcomes. Things that make other people’s lives better, in a nutshell.

I examined the principles of the Virginia Tech community. These principles are the core of Virginia Tech, the values the community have become a part of, and have worked to abide by them. They are important values, that the community has chosen to pursue, and are stronger than beliefs. One may believe in something, but may not pursue it. However, a value or a principle is something someone abides by, by choice, habit, and belief. At the same time, laws are found at a higher level. They are furthermore enforced than principles. In other words, there is someone out there policing them.

Anyways, back to the 5 major principles of the VT community. One of them speaks to the uniqueness and value of every individual, and how it is necessary that each person find the empowering environment necessary. The second encourages freedom of speech, in an environment leveraging respect and empathy to others. The third principle speaks to  the importance of diversity. The fourth one rejects preset biases and prejudice against others regardless the cause. Last but not least, is a promise to the motto of VT,Ut Prosim , in abidance to these principles. These principles are important, and they all speak to the importance and value of individuals.

In the introduction to the principles, one sentence states “a legacy that reflected bias and exclusion”. In my view, the principle is referring to the past life of Virginia Tech. The first point to mention, is that VT is a Land grant university. This influenced some of the biases.  It was only in the past 100 years or so that women, for example became a part of academia. There was a lot in American history that this sentence reflects. However, today the world has changed significantly. This doesn’t appear to any longer be the case. There maybe some remains, which VT is overcoming. However, for the most part things are better. Credits: Quote and Info

This statement is important, because it reflects the importance of the values and principles of VT. In fact, part of that is the integrity of Virginia Tech, and the importance of it. I find it interesting that the principles list has to begin with speaking about something, that should be so obvious, yet overlooked by some at times. That is, how every individual should be respected and treated in a humane manner. It’s a good principle, but however, you’d hope that people already lived by that.