ORI’s way to promote Ethical Research

ORI has a program named “The Research Clinic”. This is an initiative or project that ORI made to help promote integrity in research.

This program can be found here. It begins with a video on how research can go wrong, and how people can make bad choices to end up falsely affecting the outcomes of their research, and to negatively affect their institutions.  It’s an interesting intro video, that’s not boring… and in fact gets you interested as to what will happen to the institution… That’s something really unique about The Research Clinic.

Then, things become really disastrous for the researchers, people get fired, and grants are threatened. However, suddenly you’re told that it’s not the end, and that you can undo all this, and influence the outcomes of the situation yourself. You are then invited to click ‘next’ and choose to be a character, and to play a role of one of of the characters in the show, to change the outcome.

I think it’s really a genius way to do this, and to get people interested in research integrity. Also, after running through some of the parts, I think this module is especially important for those who deal with human subjects.  I think it’s particularly important to deal with human subjects in the proper most diligent manner, while also following protocols.

One of the slides in this show, where you have the choice to decide, is when one of the older subjects gets done with chemo, and is asked to rate the struggle she faced in the last 4 weeks. She is clearly tired, and she’s unable to answer and is asking for help. However, at the same time, there is a certain protocol one should follow while doing research. The older character requests help greatly to answer the question properly… Although it maybe etiquette or kindness to help in answering the question, it’s not correct. This is because, it’s research, and you can’t influence your subject’s responses. I think a better choice would’ve been to wait until the subject was better able to answer the question.

I just think it’s a good way to present academic integrity, in a way that gauges people’s interest. Check it out, at http://ori.hhs.gov/TheResearchClinicVideo/.

Thanks for reading!