More Threats on Campuses

Trending in the news today, was the threat The University of Chicago’s Hyde Park Campus had faced… When the FBI notified the university that there is a potential for a “gun violence threat” on campus, as stated verbatim in this article.

It is unfortunate that there are a great amount of threats lately to students in general, or depending on students in a particular group.

After the University of Chicago consulted with the FBI, and thoroughly studied the situation, they choose to cancel classes. I was hoping that they would cancel classes, when this first was shown across the news earlier today. I strongly stand with their decision to close campus… Safety comes first!  Some students decided not to go to campus on Tuesday, as stated in the article. I hope that the university as a whole safeguards the safety of students, and closes on Tuesday if there is a potential threat.

In that light, I wish our campuses would be safer. I wish that the most educated people in our nation also be the least violent. No student should ever feel threatened while obtaining an education. It is totally unfair.

I hope and wish that one day soon, no campus would ever be threatened or face violence. It would be wonderful if the next generation doesn’t have to face the non-stop threats that trend in the media consistently.

I was recently reminded, by a stranger, that the news always reports the negative stuff that needs to be rectified. However, I really wish I can find a headline about something positive in the academia or universities in general.. Impossible is nothing!