Article Regarding Religious Profiling on Campuses

The Atlantic recently published an article named “Being Muslim on Campus”, which can be found here. This article states the type of things Muslims face on US Campuses, and the attacks their religion faces as well.

As The Atlantic mentioned, it is clear that Muslims are greatly facing prejudice judgement, and threats due to their religion. As the article has stated, some students find it unsafe to roam around campuses at night, due to their obvious religious affiliation. In fact, some groups at some universities posted hate posters that were Islamophobic. However, in addition to these circumstances, students also find that racial profiling is being addressed, and yet religious profiling is not necessarily being resisted. In fact, there was citation to the fact that student groups have requested the resignation of different faculty members in the administration of different universities for racial profiling, as stated in the article. However, this was never done for religious profiling.

One of the incidents in the academia that this article begins by citing is the threat to Muslims at Virginia Tech, which occurred earlier this month. However, in this particular case, the University, President, and all those running the University did an excellent job condemning it. In fact, other student organizations came in and condemned the threat. Not just that, but people spoke to the fact that Muslims are members of the society, and should not face profiling. Many of the Muslims are as American as can be, they’ve served in the army, were veterans, were policemen, have been born and raised in The United States, and would do anything for this country just like any loyal American would.

However, it seems like sometimes the issues of free speech and religious profiling collide at times, and sometimes Universities prefer free speech over religious profiling. One case was in the Vanderbilt school of law, as the article states. Professor Carol Swain wrote comments following a terrorist attack that were Islamophobic. However, the University didn’t respond. Months later a diverse group of Students containing atheists and a variety of religions petitioned to have Dr. Swain suspended. However, after months, the University said that Dr. Swain’s views aren’t Vanderbilt University’s views. However, her views are a matter of free speech to the University, and they won’t take action against her despite 1,500 signatures requesting action against her. However, I feel like it’s not right. It would be nice if she actually researched the religion, and realized how many people served the country, and how many people protect this country with their life. In addition, it’s simply Islamophobic comments that are useless. If this was said that any particular race was a threat to the nation, her comments may have not been sectored under free speech.

However, some people tend to overlook that if a terrorist happens to call himself Muslim, then the whole religion is wrongly charged for his wrongdoings. In fact, this is not fair. Islam as a religion condemns the killing of human beings, and revokes the actions of terrorists. These people are NOT considered Muslim by any Muslim who practices the religion, or anyone who’s done some religious studies.  In fact, one of my professors from undergrad also had an Islamophobic post about Islam a couple of days ago, on social media. Many of these events of racial profiling and threatening are occurring repetitively, and it’s time to put a solid stop to profiling due to religion, race, etc.

Due to the fact that the Academia is the most educated environment, it would be great to reduce profiling there. The academia is a lot better than the norm in society when it comes to profiling. Given that most people in the academia are the most educated in the Nation, we take the lead on obtaining better practices and applying them. No one should ever face profiling because of who they are, or any of their beliefs. As much as talking about religion in society is taboo, so should profiling against people be taboo.