Future of Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech is a wonderful and innovative university that exists in Blacksburg, VA with many international branches. Being a solid location for obtaining education, makes the changes with time make Virginia Tech even more innovative, and make it an even better place with the years that come. Through my experience in VT-MENA, I’ve had a solid VTEL experience with some of my courses. Some of them were taught in the US, and we luckily had the opportunity to video conference in. In fact, I got to know my first master’s research advisor through that course, in particular. I believe that as the years progress Virginia Tech will continue to impact the world, have more online classes, have greater facilities, and will have helpful perks for the students perusing their studies.

First, I believe that Virginia Tech’s impact will continue to affect the world. With the research at Virginia Tech, it will be possible to even get more innovative affects when facilities are upgraded. My field needs a physical lab usage on a regular basis. The equipment is old, and it breaks down on a regular basis. The equipment is really specialized too. And it’s really expensive. Sometimes some of our equipment goes down for a really long time (a year!). Other times, we are limited by the limitations in our lab. However, in the future of VT I foresee future generations having it better than I did. I foresee Virginia Tech investing in equipment to further research. I foresee future generations never being told what I’ve been told and disappointed me… A lot of times people (many of them in my field) said that it wouldn’t be possible to do cutting edge research with the equipment that we have… However, we have some very bright researchers, and hard-workers who are limited by equipment. Beyond that, we might as well be number one in research in my field. I really think we have wonderful potentials, bright minds.. and just some equipment limitations. However, I’m certain that these limitations will no longer exist in the future of VT.

I believe that online classes are NOT a replacement for Brick and Motor classrooms and education. In fact, in a field like mine, physical classes are imperative to the success of the students. Students need to physically be in a classroom, and build circuits and test them, etc. However, there will be greater flexibility for graduate students. I believe that there maybe an innovative system that allows students and advisers to virtually be in one room, without specialized equipment. In fact, the benefits of this could allow less expensive of an education, with the flexibility for people who work full-time and are wanting to pursue a graduate education.

I also believe that the future of VT will have a lot of wonderful perks for students. First, there will be a solution to student debt. Students won’t have to get a steep student loan to get an education. Instead, at least for the honors students they will have other solutions. In addition, I believe that there should be great options for graduate students who went to work and came back to the academia. A lot of times, students tend to get rusty with what they learned during undergrad. I personally believe it’s good to establish a course that entails a quick summary of what people learned in undergrad, so they don’t have to go in and review every class on their own. I think this will be helpful. I also think that students will want to increase their enrollment in University. This is because, they will hear about all the passionate professors who teach at VT and adopt their teaching methods to strike student’s interest. In addition, they care for their students. These last three lines were inspired by Dr. Sible, our Assistant Provost’s speech at TedX last week. I thought the passion she has for students, and her interest in them individually was really inspiring. I thought her talk really really gave me hope about the future of education!