American Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

The American Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is an open access Journal in Electrical Engineering. It is part of a larger body called the Science and Education Publishing that has a mission of publishing papers in an open access format. They are located in Newark, DE. They state that they are one of the biggest open access publishers. They cover a lot of different disciplines in a lot of different sub-journals, that are similar in the purpose of being open-access. This allows people around the world to access the journal articles whenever they need them, for free as stated here. However, according to the website, this doesn’t risk the standards of the journal. This is because, everything is also peer-reviewed, etc.

The areas of the American Journal of Electrical Engineering include a wide variety of areas. The scope includes electromagnetics, semiconductors, power, microelectronics, telecommunications, and many more common areas in Electrical Engineering.  The goal of this journal is to allow open access to the latest research, all over the world. Their concept is to allow people to access and to share the latest research worldwide.

According to this link, the Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is under the  engineering area of the Open Access Movement. However, I wasn’t certain as to position of this journal in the open access movement. Especially that I didn’t find anything particularly referencing this journal Including the “American” in the title of this journal. I also looked at this link but I couldn’t exactly find the journal either.

I think it’s really nice for the journal to show that it is for free, but isn’t compromising anything one would get from a paid journal. In other words, one can get the information needed online, and from google scholar in the same way they would, if they had academic connections to paid journals. Here is a link to some of the publications of this Journal on google scholar.

The actual page for the Journal is pretty good, and a lot of the “front page” articles almost have a 1000 downloads for free. This is decent, considering that there are no resources supporting the entirety of the situation. I thought that this sparked my interest to download some of these articles (the next time I have some free time) and look at them. Some of the topics seem interesting. I think I do a lot of reading from journals/conferences that aren’t open access so it would be nice to compare, and realize the differences. It was wonderful to find out about this.

And just a note, it seems like I had overlooked the deadline for this particular blog, so apologies for the delay.