VT vs. Other Universities

There’s been a lot going on in campuses all over the nation. Some of it is negativity leading to positivity, like here at Virginia Tech… And some of the things going on are students standing up for their rights, and a better campus. It’s really interesting.

I’d like to start out, first by expressing my gratitude to Virginia Tech’s President and Board against the graffiti. I also, would like to express my gratitude to everyone who stood out in the cold in the drill field, on Tuesday night… in support for a safer, more supportive, more diverse, and most importantly, hate-free Virginia Tech. As a Muslim standing out in the drill field, it was wonderful to see President Sands, many association leaders such as the president of the NAACP at VT, and of course many of my colleagues from Virginia Tech. In fact, the things written in the media were heartwarming. Here, you have a headline: “A Campus Crushes Anti-Muslim Hate”. Another article, here: Virginia Tech Rallies in Support of Muslims. The picture in this particular article was taken well before the event began…  And herehereThe Collegiate Times, and many more… One of the best YouTube videos that originated at VT and went viral is this 45 second video.  However, we took the decision to rally for peace, and stand against hate. Virginia Tech will always be that safe and amazing Hokie Nation… Where everyone is welcome, and everyone is included, except for hate.  Long live the Hokie Nation!  On a personal note, I felt like my belief in the Hokie Nation was never let down for a moment, while I was standing there on the drill field.

In other news, was Missouri, which I had brought up in class a week ago. Missouri, too, stood up for their rights. However, Missouri’s administration took the opposite stance… They didn’t address what was happening there. They addressed it when it was too late… However, thankfully, we are Virginia Tech!

It seems like other schools are starting to stand-up, based on inspiration of what happened in Missouri. This article from the New York Times shows how different campuses began standing up for themselves. These are things happening in Ithaca College, Yale, and many others that would’ve gone unheard of unless they stood up.  I believe that inclusion needs people to address any microaggression occurring around… and not to ignore them. Feeling uncomfortable about things like that aren’t enough. People need to stand up for their beliefs, and call others to it… in a peaceful way, just like we did here at Virginia Tech… Submission to racial profiling isn’t the solution… Nor is ignoring it… However, standing up in a peaceful manner is the solution. When this is done, generations to come will live the peaceful world we built for them… And it’s going to be as if we gave many generations to come, a lot of what our ancestors gave us today.

And as Tim Wise mentioned the previous Monday, a lot of times people who profile fail to realize they profile… Thus, it is necessary to enlighten them peacefully. And build a peaceful world.