Eye Opening article on Adjunct Faculty in The Atlantic

I came across this article in The Atlantic’s archives. I was reading an article that referred me to this one.  Some of the most eyeopening and shocking facts I came across in this article is that some adjuncts get paid less than minimum wage, and some get paid $2700/semester for teaching a course. Although this article looks at this from the effect of adjuncts on students, I really really feel for the adjuncts. In undergrad, I had 2 professors who were adjunct. They were both good… But my favorite was my psychology teacher… She was really passionate about the material and she was a very good teacher… However, she also worked as a full-time Psychiatrist. It shocks me that these people, like the referring article stated (that I couldn’t find after going to The Atlantic’s article), spent many years of their life in school, working on a higher degree. They don’t *just* have a bachelor’s. They’re spending their precious years of their youth perusing their PhD… Definitely not to end up getting paid less than minimum wage.

According to the Atlantic’s article, 3/4th the professors fall under either temporary, adjunct status, or aren’t tenure track. Only 1/4th of the professors in the academia, according to The Atlantic are on tenure track. I’m someone who loves teaching, and I’m into the academic track to teach one day… Reading this makes me feel like either I’d be on tenure track one day, or I can be adjunct if and only if it’s a night job…  However, I’d avoid the adjunct part…

Especially that according to the article, adjunct faculty are missing out on a lot of different things… Such as advising students, writing recommendations, and even having a place to hang their hat or put their books. It’s crazy to read that a professor would have to go around with her books in her trunk… and meet her students there… We have the best education in the world, and we must compensate teachers accordingly… We must make teaching be a job both in traditional schools and colleges, to be a job where people can live a good life… People shouldn’t have to worry about making ends meet… By raising the generation to come in their own ways, they deserve a good life. At least, that’s my personal view…  However, we are the future of academia… and we can make it better in the same ways there are people who are working hard to make it better!