Communicating Science

This last class, we had communicating science in class. It is a combination of Improvisational Theater along with many useful techniques that are supposed to innovate a scientist’s ability to communicate. This is because, we must communicate what we do to others, in order to be successful. I’m in the Communicating Science Course this semester as well, and I find it amazing how cutting edge the stuff we learn is… and how useful it is… I could never imagine graduating without coming across the entire Future Professoriate Certificate. Both courses I’m taking this semester are wonderful. I’m someone with a passion for teaching, and I’d love to do it at the university level in the best form and fashion possible. I’m amazed at how Dean DePauw pursued bringing in such an amazing program into Virginia Tech. It is really wonderful. I just need to get a little bit better on blogging, which is the plan 🙂

I’m a very big Ted Talks watcher… and I enjoy them a lot during my free time. Despite that, I learned, from Communicating Science that there is an Improv talk that I had yet to watch. Also, recently, at an engineering conference that’s a mixture of collegiates, professionals, and academics… I found it amazing that very small bits of the communicating science course were brought up… showing that they are rare, yet amazing findings… Random things, like power poses, presentation skills, and things that are taught in a very non-traditional manner in Communicating Science. These items came up in small bits an pieces in different talks by different speakers. I thought that was amazing.

I know a lot of people had questions about the Communicating Science Course… It is really similar to the capsule version of communicating science that we had this week. However, it is a much smaller class, people get to know each other well… And yes there’s a lot of improv, theater, etc… But it’s a different, and unique method of teaching… I believe the unique methods of teaching are as necessary as the traditional methods of teaching… And both compliment one another. Try out the course if you wish… It’s only 10 weeks! As for me, I want to take the Diversity and Inclusion Course the next time it’s offered if I’m still around here!