Virginia Tech and MIT Mission Statements

I’ve examined and studied both the Virginia Tech (here) and MIT (here) mission statements. Virginia Tech, of course, is located in Blacksburg, VA, USA. It is a public university, that’s in the top 25 in engineering. It is a research institute. MIT is located in Cambridge, MA, USA. It is a private university, that is also a research institute. It has ranked in the top 5 in engineering for the past few years.

What stood out to me is that both mission statements are short, and sweet. Also, I looked at several university mission statements, other than Virginia Tech’s and MIT’s. What stood out to me is the similarity amongst all of these mission statements. Their similarities have been great! All of them address the importance of spreading knowledge, and making it available.

The Virginia Tech mission statement begins with addressing it’s obligation to Virginia. Being that it’s a public school, it is addressing the obligation to the USA and Virginia.  Then it dives into the knowledge part, that’s essentially the necessary part. At the same time, the MIT mission statement begins with the importance of spreading knowledge.

Virginia Tech highlights the importance of teaching and learning in the mission statement. It mentions it on a list with research and discovery, but mentions it prior to research and discovery. The MIT mission statement mentions education, but doesn’t prioritize it over research. The nice part about both, is that they mention about the growth and development of the entire university community.

Last but not least, it is wonderful realizing that, as expected the mission statements for institutes are similar. They are in sync, and are wonderful. The importance of education in both is greatly appreciated, and are important. Research and education are both important.