Week 13: Project Update

So I had specified in a previous blog post the importance of understanding the authorship rules, for graduate students in graduate school. Many times these rules tend to be unclear, and this causes an issue. I’ve been working on getting all the information needed together, to be prepared to put together a final document. I’ve […]

Week 12: My Ethical Views

This week, we examined a lot of different ethical methodologies and views… And famous theories that somehow shape the ethics of everyday life. Some people gain their ethics through their moral values and beliefs. Others think it’s common sense, and doesn’t need a rocket scientist. Some people get inspired ethically from their religious beliefs. In […]

Week 11: Issues in Academics

Watching the two videos has been interesting. They speak a lot for the present situation in higher education, as it is presently!  The first video was interesting, in the sense that it highlighted the reality from student’s perspective. It spoke to important issues, such as class size, student debt, and many more. It’s actually interesting, […]

Week 10: Code of Ethics in Electrical Engineering

This week I examined the code of ethics for electrical engineering, or the IEEE Code of Ethics. I had examined this prior to this, for the Future Professoriate course, and wrote a blog post about it. This can be found here. However, I’m taking a fresh look at the Code of Ethics, and I’m blogging about it. Looking […]

Week 9: Copyright Laws and Creative Commons

This week’s post was about Copyright issues, and Creative Commons. I thought this is a very useful unit, especially for graduate students. This is particularly true, due to lack of sufficient knowledge, especially with graduate students working on their thesis or dissertation. This calls to a further more awareness of what the rules are, and […]