Does America need a slogan to attract foreign college students?

I just read an article in the Chronicle for Higher Education about our popularity amoung students from other countries:

The article listed Great Britain and Australia along with the US as some of the most popular destinations.

I would imagine that the effects of attracting large numbers of foreign college students are too numerous to count.  In addition to the economic stimulation that foreign students bring to this country, they also introduce new perspectives and ideas to the disciplines to which they belong.

Given that foreign college students are such a great thing to have, should we double our efforts to attract them to America?  And if so, how can we specifically compete with Great Britain and Australia, who are, purportedly, our biggest competitors?

One third of foreign college students come from India and China.  I am picturing commercials airing in China where the camera pans across the Grand Canyon and Niagra Falls and a voiceover says (in Chinese), “The knowledge waiting for you in America would fill up this canyon and spill over like this waterfall…..”

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