Step Twelve (Finalizing) – 4/24

What I Did

1. I explored the option of adding the Harry Potter music to my blog.

2. I decided to redo my fifth secret and make it vertical.

Why I Did It

1. I wanted to add an aural element to my blog, and this seemed like the logical song choice. I really like this song and it definitely makes it really clear that you’re supposed to be in Harry Potter world. So I looked up different ways of inserting music, and WordPress supports SoundCloud codes, so that’s the option I went with. It has the added bonus of not having to deal with messy copyright rules as well. I also got the opportunity to play with coding a little bit here, because the embed code doesn’t include autoplay, which I definitely wanted so I had to find how to write that in, which was fun.

2. I wasn’t thrilled with the way this postcard turned out in the first place, and Professor Gardner pointed out that on the real PostSecret site, the cards are never of a uniform size or shape, so mixing it up a little would make it more realistic.

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