Step Six (Fine-tuning the Blog) – 4/3

What I Did

1. I tried to decide if I can use the PostSecret logo or not.

2. I figured out what assets I had.

  • I know the gist of what I’m going to say on each secret.
  • I have the PostSecret blog for reference for my mock blog.

3. I figured out what assets I still need.

  • I need to find direct quotes from the novel if I want to use them.
  • I need to decide if I want to use any stills from the movies.

4. With Ryan’s help, I decided to make the site more Harry Potter-y by adding “Chamber of” to the name in the logo and by putting the address as a fake, Hogwarts-style address rather than Frank Warren’s address. I also found the font I will use to give it a Harry Potter feel.

5. I tried to make the sidebar look the way I wanted to, like a version of the PostSecret one.

Why I Did It

1. I want my mock blog to be as true to the real PostSecret blog as possible, so I thought I would just recreate it, but one of the huge identifying features of the blog is the logo. The blog is really sparse and minimalist, so without the logo it won’t be immediately apparent what it is. This goes for the “about” paragraph and address on the right bar of the blog as well.

2 & 3. I needed to know how much more information I need to gather before I can actually start planning and creating my postcards.

4. Part of this decision came out of my earlier desire to avoid too much copyright infringement. I was debating if I should include something about my project in particular on the about paragraph on the right, but Ryan mentioned this might take the viewer out of the Chamber of PostSecrets world too much. So instead, I decided to just mix it up and make it more Harry Potter-esque, using Harry Potter-style fonts and a different address.

5. As stated above, I want it to look as close to the PostSecret page as possible, but with a Harry Potter twist. So I tried to insert an address for the owl post at Hogsmeade instead of Frank’s address, but I haven’t quite figured out the Image Widget yet.

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