Step One (Pick a Story and a Medium) – 3/18

What I Did

I’ve decided to do Project 3 on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets from the perspective of Ginny Weasley. I want to make a mock PostSecret blog with secrets only from Ginny that detail her experience during the novel. Some of you might know PostSecret, but for those who don’t, here’s how Frank Warren, the guy behind the project, describes it:

PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard.

Some secrets are funny, some are serious, some are highly inappropriate, and some are not even postcards at all. Essentially, the project started out with people mailing in homemade postcards with their secrets to Frank’s home address, and Frank made a PostSecret blog where he posts new secrets every week.

Why I Did It

I’m a huge PostSecret fan. I make it a point to check the blog every week, I’ve seen Frank Warren speak in Radford, and I even own some of the PostSecret books. So I thought that telling a story via postcard secrets would be a really interesting project and also really uniquely related to my personality. On top of that, I’m definitely a huge Harry Potter fan, though I wouldn’t consider myself a fanatic. So I started thinking of some ways that I could connect the two, and the names “PostSecret” and “Chamber of Secrets” seemed to naturally suggest a connection. Ginny definitely has a host of secrets throughout the novel, so I thought she would be a fun character to send pretend PostSecrets.

One big limitation of PostSecret is that all of the secrets have to be mailed in, so Ginny wouldn’t have a method to include video or sound. Frank does, on rare occasions, post videos when they relate to the project or a particular secret, so I might be able to include something that way. Additionally, PostSecret is a WordPress blog, so I can use the same website that the original PostSecret uses in order to make a mock version.

Also, since I would get to create a variety of different secrets for Ginny, I would have the opportunity to use the design principles in many different ways. Each postcard is supposed to be an artistic representation of the sender or the secret, so there would be some consistency (since they all come from one sender), but each design would be a bit different.

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