Step Nine (Revision Plan) – 4/15

Revision Plan

Ryan and Sara looked at my rough draft and provided feedback on it.


  • They liked the ideas for my postcards, including the designs that I’ve come up with.
  • They thought that the placeholder postcards I uploaded were a good size.


  • There is a little too much extra space at the top of my blog page, so they suggested playing around with that.
  • Sara suggested adding some description or at least a link to a description for people who are unfamiliar with the plotline of Harry Potter.

Rhetorical Choices

  • My audience was addressed well through the renaming of the blog and the Hogsmeade address.
  • I can take into account that some people aren’t aware of PostSecret and/or Harry Potter and provide a little description for those members of my audience.

Multimodal Elements

  • Both Ryan and Sara thought that I should make the postcards at least as large as the placeholder ones are so that the viewer can see detail easily.
  • Ryan suggested adding a stony background to my fifth secret (the one about Petrifying Hermione).

Important Changes

  • I think the most important suggestion that Ryan and Sara gave is to add a link or something of that sort to a description of my project. They agreed that the description shouldn’t be on the page itself because that would detract from the feel, but they thought it would be a good idea to include one somewhere accessible.

Realistic Revision

  • I think that I will have time to implement all of these suggestions before the next due date.

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