Step Four (Building a Blog) – 3/27

What I Did

1. I gave my pitch in class.

2. I made a WordPress blog for my project.

3. I started manipulating the appearance of the blog to look more like PostSecret.

Why I Did It

1. We all gave our pitches in order to share our ideas with everyone so that everyone is on the same page, and to make sure that our projects are all in line with the project description.

2. This was the next step in my project. Before I can upload any sort of postcards, I need to have a blog to upload them to. So I made a blog called Chamber of PostSecrets via WordPress because that’s what the original PostSecret uses.

3. I had to find a theme on WordPress that would let me change the appearance to look like PostSecret. Because that’s the format that I’m using, I’m trying to stick as closely as I can to the PostSecret blog itself. This meant I had to find a blog that would let me have an entirely black background with white font. I also had to play with the widgets and menus because the PostSecret blog is really simplistic.

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