Step Five (Mockup) – 4/1

What I Did

1. I downloaded Scribus and set up a mockup for my project.

2. I decided I want to have seven secrets on my fake PostSecret page.

3. I chose which secrets I wanted to use.

Why I Did It

1. This software was easy to work with because it’s really familiar to InDesign, so I was able to quickly mock up where I want to go with my project.

2. I decided it might be fun to do seven secrets, because seven is an important number in the Harry Potter world (there are seven Harry Potter books, seven years at Hogwarts, seven horcruxes). I also feel like seven is enough to tell a story without being too many to finish in time.

3. Here is a list of the seven secrets I want to use, in order from first to last.

  1. I have a crush on Harry Potter.
  2. I found someone else’s diary … and it’s been talking back to me.
  3. My family thinks I’m sick, but I think I’m being possessed.
  4. I can’t remember where I was on Halloween.
  5. I think I’m responsible for Petrifying by brother’s best friend.
  6. I’m the one who sent Harry Potter that Valentine.
  7. Harry Potter saved my life.

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