Step Eight (Progress Report) – 4/10

Progress Report

What have I done so far?

At this point, my mock PostSecret blog is set up; it’s ready and waiting for me to upload my postcards. I’m not 1,000% satisfied with the way it looks, but I think it accurately represents the real PostSecret blog to the best of my limitations in regard to WordPress theme options.

I’ve also spent a lot of time figuring out what exactly I want to put onto my postcards. I definitely have the words for each card, and I have figured out about 75% of the designs for them. I have accumulated all of the materials that I think I will use to make my postcards.

What do I still need to do?

The biggest step that still needs to happen is that I need to actually construct my postcards. I thought about doing them online so that I could use the aural and gestural modes of communication, but I decided not to for two reasons. First, I want the blog to be an accurate representation of PostSecret, which requires physical postcards. Second, I think that with time constraints, I can do a better job physically making the postcards as opposed to making them digitally, both because it can sometimes take longer to make them digitally and because my comfort zone lies more in physical construction than in digital construction.

In addition to the construction of the cards, there are still two postcards (the postcard about possession and the postcard about Hermione) that I need to do a good bit of planning for. I have a few vague ideas, but I need to hammer down the details.

The other step that I need to take is what I will be working on today. I know in my mind what I want most of my postcards to look like, but I still need to work on planning the actual layout itself, including in some cases finding the perfect fonts/screenshots/accessories that I want to use.

Do I have any concerns or questions?

I think that I am on track to finish on time. My only concern is that the bulk of what I have left to do is essentially crafting, which doesn’t lend itself well to the classroom setting. However, I intend to work on the physical crafting primarily outside of class and use class time to really iron out my designs and to work on anything that I might need to change on my blog.

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