Design is a website that provides tools and pre-made themes that help you create infographics.

Modes of Communication: The website itself uses all of the modes of communication. However, the tools that the website allows you to create only allow for linguistic, spatial, and visual modes.

Rhetorical Analysis: The audience of is anyone who is trying to display information by creating an infographic, and it takes into account all skill levels. The website was created because making infographics is time-consuming and difficult to do. The context of this website is that it is found online, which is helpful because it provides people with easy access without having to download software. The author of the website is probably a large team of people who manage the content, the design, and the organization of the website. The genre of the website is difficult to determine, other than that it’s a technical website that is supposed to help you with design tools.

Design Choices: The website is fairly barebones, so the obvious emphasis is on the tool itself; within the tool, the emphasis is on three large circles that point you to the specific functions of the tool. The tool uses contrasting colors of bright blue and gray; on the home page, the black bar that includes video information about the website itself at the top contrasts with the rest of the page. The tool also contrasts circle shapes with straight or arrow shapes. The organization of the home page is fairly simple and it just includes listing logically your designs followed by public designs; the tool uses organization to group specific functions into types like backgrounds, shapes, text, etc. On the home page, everything is aligned in a central column of squares; the tool doesn’t have much alignment because it is a more freeform design instead of a classic webpage. On the home page, proximity is used to group your designs away from public designs; similarly, on the tool, the proximity groups functions that are similar into sections once the topic has been selected.

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