As with anything, is not perfect. There are some real constraints as to what the tool will allow you to do with your design.

Perhaps the biggest and most noticeable constraint is that does not let you include any sort of video, animated feature, or sound in your design. Maybe this an obvious constraint; the genre of infographics does not generally include these types of elements due to the way that they are typically used.

Additionally, was created for computers with a large screen size, so, on smaller computers, the page does not fully fit within the screen, so there are scroll bars both horizontally and vertically on the screen at all times on smaller screens.

If you wanted to download your visual and edit it on some other software, such as InDesign, Publisher, or Photoshop, does not allow you to download your visual as any file format other than .jpg, so your visual is un-editable once it has been downloaded.

As to the tool itself, can take a while to get used to. There are several buttons on the screen depending on what function you are using, and not all of the functions are labeled, or sometimes their function is not clearly depicted via icon.

color options
Color Options

Also, although you can insert your own images, does not have options for creating your own color options or downloading your own font choices. Therefore, your color and font options are limited to the presets, as shown above. If you want to have the grid showing while you are designing your visual, there is no option for resizing the grid, so you are only given guides for those specific gridlines.

Another constraint of is its mobile format. There is currently not an iPhone app for, and the tool is not easily used on mobile Safari. The edges of the page are cut off, so it is impossible to get to anything on the left hand side of the screen. Additionally, the mobile version does not allow you to zoom nor does it allow you to actually type anything, so it is almost impossible to actually use the tool on a phone.'s mobile webpage’s mobile webpage

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