Although encourages users to use one of their preset themes, or “vhemes,” it is possible to create your own design as well. For un-savvy users, also provides the pre-loaded objects or shapes; for savvier users, you can upload your own images/shapes/text/designs onto your visual via the upload tool.

Several object (people) options
Several object (people) options

Also, in the era of Google Drives and Drop Boxes, follows the trend and allows you to save a visual on the website itself; using a login, you can create multiple designs that are all saved online.

In terms of actual design tools, has several options for customizing even the preset features. For instance, any item on the design can be resized or moved, and there is also an opacity feature available for all of the items, including any that you upload yourself. There is a grid that you can opt to have showing to help with alignment or for pure design purposes, if you happen to like the look of the grid for your visual. There are three different page size options available: the standard portrait or landscape options as well as a mobile option for visuals that will be viewed primarily on mobile devices.

Once you have completed your design, lets you share your visual four different ways:

    • Download your visual as a .jpg file
    • View your visual in your web browser
    • Copy and paste a web link to your visual
    • Copy and paste an embed link to embed your visual on your webpage

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