Final Exam

Project One Revision Plan

I’ll start out by saying that Professor Gardner provided excellent suggestions in her grading of my original project, and I’ll use those as a baseline for my revision ideas as well as expanding on some of my own.

What were the strengths of my project that I should be sure to keep?

My favorite thing about my blog is definitely the color scheme/tone. I love the yellows and oranges, and I think it gives off exactly the feel that I wanted it to. I also really like the organization of my blog; it’s standard, straight-forward, easy to use, and works well for the types of posts I was creating.

What design choices were problematic, and how can I revise these?

Here is a list of the revisions I would make to each section of my blog  (this list also includes the suggestions that Professor Gardner gave):



  • Break up the large block of text on my welcome post. I would definitely at least make this two paragraphs, split before the sentence that begins with “In general.” I might make it three, with the very first sentence being it’s own paragraph, but at least two.
  • Add a graphic of some sort. This page is relatively boring. It’s mostly text, a little bit of spatial design, and that’s about it. The obvious thing would be to add a picture, maybe a photograph of myself (like Nenna’s blog) or some sort of stock photo. I’m also not opposed to adding some sort of music to the page, maybe something like this, that isn’t distracting but instead kind of adds to the tone of the color scheme.
  • Link everything on my welcome post. I got much better at remembering to do this as the class went on, but when I made this page I definitely didn’t think about linking all of the things I’m talking about. I would add a link to each of the pages that I mention in the text.

About Me

About Me

  • Include links to the organizations that I’m involved in. Again, I got much better about this in later posts, but adding a link to the Cru homepage, the Virginia Tech baseball page, a bio of Frances Hodgson Burnett, etc., would make a lot of sense for this section.
  • Remove some of the biography information in favor of some things I’m interested in. I like talking about myself, which is why the About Me is so long, but I think embedding YouTube videos that I like or adding links to websites that I frequent would be more appropriate for this type of blog. I made a fake About Me page that is more along the lines of what I’m thinking (although clearly the YouTube video is entirely too large… I played around with different coding techniques and could not figure out how to make it smaller).

Class Projects

Class Projects

  • Make this more interesting. This page is the definition of boring. I guess I was thinking that there wouldn’t be much reason to go to this page, but it definitely can’t hurt to have a brief description of what each project is and maybe a screenshot or two of what they are.

Site Information

Site Information

  • Go into detail about the decisions I made. I guess I wasn’t entirely clearly on what this page was supposed to look like, but based off of Professor Gardner’s suggestions I would definitely add a lot more detail about each of the design choices I made next to their respective credit and links.
  • Add screenshots or visuals of what I’m talking about. I don’t want this page to be all links. Here’s where I could maybe add a screenshot of the home page, or the Chamber of PostSecrets, or a SoundCloud logo, or things along those lines.

What rhetorical choices seemed out of place in my project, and how can I better attend to my audience, purpose, context, and genre?

As I mentioned earlier, I feel like some of the information in the About Me section is irrelevant or overdone, as the audience of this project is definitely more interested in digital media than text.

I also didn’t always take into account that a potential audience member might not be someone in our class, so I should adapt the blog to attend to them as well. I would do this by adding some of the description that I talked about in the previous section to aid with navigation and understanding.

What multimodal elements can I add or revise to strengthen the rhetorical effect and credibility of my project?

I definitely want to have some aural or gestural elements in my blog. I didn’t do this originally, but I think that music would go a long way in making this blog more interesting. As a blog about digital media, it would definitely help with my credibility to have a stronger multimedia presence.

What are the most important changes I need to consider as I revise?

When I made my blog, I went with the simplistic approach, but I think I took this to an extreme. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely like that my blog is simple, and I wouldn’t change this about it. However, I think that adding in the suggestions I stated above wouldn’t detract from the simplistic vibe I was going for, but it would definitely help make it more interesting.

So I guess the most important change would be the visual revisions I talked about (that is, the textual changes are important, but adding visual elements would take top priority).

Given the time and technology constraints of this project, what can I reasonably revise before the next due date? What else would need revision that I don’t have time to complete but should¬†complete, given enough time and resources?

Since this revision plan doesn’t have a due date, all of my changes are feasible!

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