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I believe I was able to connect the Dots

I have to say that after I took the Future Professoriate class last semester, I felt that I experienced another whole new level of how my future as professor is going to be. With this class I realized that we don’t have to stick to the same method to accomplish something.  We all know that […]

The future of teaching

We can easily come up with different ways to improve higher education since nowadays it has numerous flaws in the way it operates. Starting with the fact that most students can’t pay for higher education, therefore it would be almost impossible for them to get a job that will bring them the money needed to […]

Learning to be a Learner

After reading chapter two: There is no Teaching Without Learning of Paulo Freire’s book: Pedagogy of Freedom: Ethics, Democracy, and Civic Courage, it came to my mind what kind of knowledge should a professor acquire, so the cause of teaching will have a learning effect . Most of you are currently struggling as teaching assistance because there is no other option […]

Incentive Directly Proportional to Motiv...

Im sure all of you experienced the opportunity of receiving a reward from your parents when you cleaned your room or even when you helped with several task in your house. Of course your parents knew that you will always perform better when there is something in return. I remember when I was 12 years […]

MINDFULNESS as solution in the learning ...

A couple of months ago I decided to read a book written by the author Dr. Robert Siegel: The Mindfulness Solution with the purpose of finding a way to align all my thoughts and to gain the power of deciding whether I want to think in something or not and if its going to affect me. […]

Updating our educational experience by C...

During the first week of the Contemporary Pedagogy class we had the opportunity of watching three documentaries related to Connected Learning. Before I start talking about my point of view, I need to confess that this was the first time in my live that I heard such term. Im a PhD student from the the […]